MallorcAlpina will guide you through excursions and many other activities related with nature, surrounded extremely beautiful landscapes and always under the control of our local and professional guides with a lot of years of experience in these activities.

MallorcAlpina, your mountain sport center in the Serra de Tramuntana. Since 1999

Why MallorcAlpina?
·         Because all the members of our team our team have a lot of years of experience
·         Because we are all people born and grown up in the Serra de Tramuntana
·         Because we work with small groups from 1 to 12 people
·         Because we have all permissions required to any private places that we could pass though during the routes
·         Because we don’t just walk, we also offer our knowledge about the nature, culture and history of all the places that we visit
·         Because you are the one in charge of defining the pace of the activities
·         Because we offer a highly customized experiences
·         Because our tariffs are affordable for all kind of budgets

For all these reasons…, discover the secrets of the Serra de Tramuntana with MallorcAlpina. Since 1999

Highlighted Activities
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Barranquismo EN

Salidas ornitologicas EN