Sustainable tourism of MallorcAlpina, sustainability, circular tourism and corporate social responsability in Mallorca (Balearic Islands)

MallorcAlpina aims to leave the Balearics better than we found them, through our sustainable plan which includes caring for the island’s wildlife and the people, together with the best customer service that we can provide, offering beautiful experiences in contact with the nature.

What does sustainable means?

This refers to practices or activities where human needs are met whilst we preserve or enhance our natural resources.

Impact model

Trips and one-day activities with our valued guests, drive our commitment to care for the wildlife, Balearic Islands and their people.

How do we do it?

Tourism industry, the key to change

During the years 2020-21, the terrible pandemic caused anguishand affected the global economy. Meanwhile, many people developed a better appreciation for the effect on climate change. This unusual conjunction has marked a point of change. Many profound reflections have been made in different public and private spheres. The tourism industry was probably one of the worst affected by the national and international lockdowns, but hopefully, it is an industry that can take the lead and guide, inform and involve more people in their responsibility for the environment.

A new incoming travel agency

As a result of the above, and adding the difficult situation of a full year unable to share our activities with our clients, MallorcAlpina wants to create a better future by updating our responsible habits defined in 1999 and implementing, as far as possible, the general principles of sustainable tourism. All these efforts will be channelled through an innovative incoming travel agency on the island of Mallorca, sensitive to the biodiversity of the Balearic archipelago and the footprint that our activity has on the environment.

Environmental practices and social commitment

We have established guidelines that affect the management and development of the activities we carry out. We are committed to improving and updating our environmental practices and social commitment through an internal ethical code that governs sustainable commitment and an ethical code for our clients where they are invited to be responsible on their holidays.

Sustainable tourism, main goals of MallorcAlpina
Action for the Ethical internal code

MallorcAlpina’s commitment to the fundamental objectives of sustainable tourism are etched in our DNA since we began our business adventure in 1999. Over the years, we have been updating and incorporating new objectives, as we will continue to do so to the well-being of nature and the people of the Balearic Islands and by extension all those tourists who visit us.

Our fundamental objectives are the following:

  • Experience the landscapeand its wildlife with our clients in the closest, most respectful and intense, and natural way possible.
  • Contribute to the protection of the environment, the land, wildlife and the people in the Balearic archipelago through collaboration and memberships with various NGOs.
  • Reduce our environmental impact, organizing activities in small groups and when possible, on foot.
  • Promote the preference and taste for activities that have contact with nature, through the exploration of the different natural ecosystems that we find in the Mediterranean.
  • Preserve the natural environment for the long term, avoiding as much as possible the degradation of the different ecosystems that we visit.
  • Encourage our clients to be responsible through the external code of ethics.
  • Consolidate workspace in the natural areas of the Balearic Islands, away from the crowded resorts and tourist centres.
  • Practice plogging (picking litter whilst jogging): collect waste that is not ours in natural spaces and dispose of it in the respective containers.
  • Work towards eliminating the use of single-life plastics in our company.
  • Select resources and services, that prioritise the reduction, reuse and recycling of materials.
  • Employ local guides and services whenever it is possible, within established standards of quality and responsibility.
  • Promote cordiality between people.
  • Prioritize routes and activities that are close to the accommodation places.
  • Whenever the schedule allows, make use of public transport to get to meeting points or adapt our times to make the most of transport schedules.
  • Create a positive impact on our community, through a cultural exchange and connection between local businesses and people, and our guests.
  • Buy local products for the preparation of our picnics.
  • Organize the office environment (telework) in the most efficient and respectful way.
  • Investim a medium-term future for electrictransport.

Open-mindedness, sustainable tourism
Recommended ethical code for the client

As we have already indicated, we promote responsible travel so that you can make your own contribution towards sustainable tourism. Since the mere fact of travelling has an inevitable impact on the environment, we strive to ensure that during the course of the holiday, we build our awareness that each of our actions can have on the environment and people both locally and globally.

So our recommendations are:

  • During your stay on the islands and visits to natural spaces, whether with or without a guide, we appeal to you to do so with minimal intrusion and maximum respect for the environment by not removing any animals, plants, seeds, shells and other natural objects such as pebbles.
  • Save energy by switching off lights, heating or air conditioning when not needed, in fact use natural ventilation or shutters to keep the rooms cool whenever possible.
  • Be economical with water by closing the taps and the shower when you are not using it, reuse the towels and sheets for several days just as you would do in your own home. The Balearic Islands are prone to significant droughts.
  • Reduce waste as much as possible and recycle in the respective containers (they can be found almost everywhere- most frequently in car parks) so that everything has the opportunity of a new use.
  • When possible, use public transport.
  • Travel with a reusable metal water bottle which will keep water cooler for longer, we will gladly guide you to drinking fountains or arrange a refill as soon as we meet, with water from Sóller.
  • A simple “Bon Dia” and a smile will open a lot of doors for you.
  • Always ask for permission before photographing people.
  • Be selective in your purchases by supporting local crafts and small businesses.
  • Respect private property.

Circular tourism
Corporate social responsability

Natural spaces of the Balearic Islands

We are very aware that all the MallorcAlpina activities and packages that we offer, are intimately linked to the use of the natural spaces of the Balearic archipelago. With this in mind, we need to guarantee the long-term protection of the species and their habitats, so our children and their children can continue to enjoy the natural wonders of the Mediterranean.

Benefits provided by the tourism industry

From 2021, we will contribute directly to the conservation of the environment of the islands, as well as in the social aspect with a particular focus on the Sóller valley. We firmly believe, that the tourism industry with all the benefits that it delivers in each of its participants: emitters, protagonists and receivers, has, in turn, the obligation to reimburse planet Earth, which is always the last but the most valuable of the components. Only in this way can the full circle of exploitation in the tourism industry be closed.

Voluntary financial contribution

We want to start this new phase of MallorcAlpina, committing ourselves to a financial contribution at the end of the year with two NGOs, who truly do an exceptional job in favour of nature and the people of the Balearic Islands.

The local assembly of the Red Cross in Sóller

We  will update the contents of this page, as we advance together in the commitment to achieve a more sustainable Balearics. We appreciate your valuable help, as without it, the change would not be possible.

With our best wishes, thank you very much to each and every one of you for contributing to this.