Torrent de Pareis guided- General vision

  • The Torrent de Pareis, located into the Natural Landscape of the Serra de Tramuntana, in the en el municipality of Escorca, was declared Natural monument in 2003, just because its monumental characteristics: for its natural value (it treasures different species of endemic plants and the Ferreret, an endemic toad from the Balearics) and landscape value (it is the second deepest karst canyon in the Mediterranean).
  • The section of 3.2km located between the huge intersection called s’ Entreforc (where Es Gorg Blau and Lluc torrents meet), to the magnificent gap that breaks directly into the sea, is know as the torrent de Pareis.
  • The Torrent de Pareis as it has a karst morphology, just after heavy or long rains (winter) has running water just for a certain time. Watch out also as the the freatic level just under the torrent may affect to water filtration and you might find some puddles or running water after the rains, but also by the beggining (april) or the end of the season (october)

I need to bring:

  • Mountain boots, comfortable clothes, water and food.
  • Once you make the reservation we will inform you about the rest of the equipe that you might need according to the season. 

Approach to the torrent fromEscorca:

  • The starting point of the activity is Escorca, where we can find the old oratory of Sant Pere d’Escorca (S.XIII) and the restaurant with the same name. The path goes down the steep slope, through the only possibility to connec with the Torrent of Lluc. The walks takes about 1hr 15min.
  • From this point to s’Entreforc, it takes about 15min more.

Return boat:

From Sa Calobra (the beach at the end of the descent), you have the possibility to take a return boat to Port of Sóller (dry season). Just make a note of it during the reservation process and we will be pleased to help you. The boat ticket will be included to the total cost of the activity and also the private transport from Sóller to Escorca (to the start of the excursion), at no cost.


Distance and unevenness of the entire excursion: Escorca – s’Entreforc- sea: 7,2km and 615m of walking down. Duration: 4.5h

Distance and unevenness  of the torrent de Pareis-s’Entreforc to the sea: 3,2Km and 200m of walking down. Duration: 3h

Schedules: Just during the mornings

Dry season in torrent de Pareis

When the torrent has no water, the descent (from s’Entreforc to the sea) takes about 3 hours, mainly above the rocks, avoiding the successive steps that are found along the route, six of which are mandatory. During these steps, the guide will help you with the correct technique but you must go down using your hands and feet by easy steps of 2 to 7 meters, one of them with a rope. While descending, another aspect to keep in mind is that being long and constantly going up and down the rocks, a series of leg muscles are used that are not normally exercised. Therefore, in order to enjoy a succesfully and rewarding experience, it is necessary to have good physical condition, strong legs and a good body balance.

From 1 to 8 people, from 60,00 / person 
Difficulty No experience needed
Sample departure, 7.30h
Availability: From may to october, according to meteorology

Rainy season in torrent de Pareis

When the torrent has water flow, the beauty of this place becomes extremelly gorgeous! The descent becomes a water adventure with jumps to the pools and endless corridors where you need to swim, and also a rappel of 10m with flying water at your side.

From 1 to 5 people, from 75,00€ / person. Neoprene renting 18€ per person
Difficulty With previous experience
Sample departure, 8.30h
Availability: From october to may, according to meteorology and water flow

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