The last ecological insular paradise of the Mediterranean

Private guided tour to the Cabrera National Park. Ecotourism

Overview of Cabrera National Park

The Cabrera Archipielago Maritime Terrestrial National Park, the first and the only in the Balearics is formed by 17 islets and 2 islands with a total protected area of 90.800ha, of which, 89.482ha are marine and 1318ha are terrestrial, being the largest in Spain and also in the whole western Mediterranean.

The sea crossing

From Colonia de Sant Jordi, a touristic harbour in the south of Mallorca, there are about 45 minutes of sea crossing to the big island of Cabrera. Crossing the channel with the same name is easy to see the shearwaters, including the endemic of the balearics (with the maximum concern of being the most threatened bird in Europe), as well as various species of dolphins. The journey continues allowing us to discover the interesting coastal ecosystem of a large number of islets that form the achipelago, with such interesting sightings of the Eleonor’s falcon, the osprey, the shag or the Mediterranean Audouin’s gull.

Cabrera National Park tour 

The landing on the island, quickly puts you in context with the reality, as the big island of Cabrera, the fifth and the last of the Balearics in size, is the largest uninhabited island in the Mediterranean (no body lives there throughout the year) and makes the best example of undisturbed island ecosystems in the Spanish Mediterranean, with and unimaginable seabed, sparkling with light and life.

Visit and interpreted walk

Accompanied by the National Park Guide, Eduard Casajuana, and the proper authorizations to enter exclusion areas of the NP, the 4hr stay on the island are recreated with different interpretations that refer to the exuberant and natural environment and biodiversity, as well as the fascinating history of the archipelago, while walking on a 2hr itinerary, which includes dodging cute lizards indigenous of the Balearics and almost all the breathtaking views to the archipelago.

Back to Mallorca

On our way back by boat to Mallorca, the incursion to the blue cave, allows you to swim and immerse yourself in spectacular reflections of light which form unusual blue colours, similars to a sapphire gemstone. This makes the perfect end for the visit to the last ecological paradise of the Mediterranean.

From 105€/person includes the boat trip and private NP guide from Sóller or Sa Colonia de Sant Jordi

Groups from 1 to 8 people per guide

Total time from Sa Colonia de Sant Jordi 6h. Total time for walking 2h. Total time on the island 4h

Departure time: According to the boat company, between 9:00 and 10:00h

Availability: From May to October

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