The past about MallorcAlpina

Human kindness and its relationship and roots in nature 

In the more than twenty years journey of MallorcAlpina, we retain the same core motivation as when we started back in 1999: human kindness and its relationship and roots in nature worldwide and particularly that of the Balearic Islands.

The past and the present about MallorcAlpina

We are Mediterranean

We’ve been lucky enough to work in beautiful countries such as Italy, France, Switzerland and even Nepal, always with that Mediterranean perspective that characterizes us.

Friendly hosts

We have guided people from all around the world, across Spain, the Balearic Islands and where our heart lies; Mallorca, enriching all of us with the cultural exchange. For over 15 years, we have also provided our professional services to luxury tourism and we have close ties with several exclusive hotels in the Serra de Tramuntana region. First and foremost, we are friendly hosts, specializing in the nature-rich areas of the Balearic Island and its various features and facets.

The present and the future about MallorcAlpina

Future challenges

We are proud of our past, but we continually look to our future, a future where COVID and the climate change are two serious challenges that without any doubt, opened very serious wounds in the tourism industry worldwide.

Incoming travel agency committed to sustainable tourism

MallorcAlpina, which is engaged in creativity and local charm, makes an effort in the arrangement and presentation of extraordinary adventures in wide-open spaces. As of 2021, we believe that our company has fully matured, and we are ready to expand our offer using a new travel agency/Destination Management Company (DMC) focused on the discovery of nature in the Balearic Islands, through unique activities and fascinating trips, linked to the sustainable tourism.

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