The best hiking trails in the Natural Area of the Serra de Tramuntana, Mallorca

The best routes

The most beautiful hiking routes in the Serra de Tramuntana (World Heritage by the UNESCO), guided from a local perspective. At your own pace, it doesn’t mather if you are fast or slow, if you look for some physical excercise in a landscape worth of the best films, or if you prefer, to taste it with full explanations and descriptions.

On foot 

Whatever your plan is, get deep into the most exuberant nature of Mallorca, and be amazed by wonderful landscapes discovering the magic that surrounds you in the best way: on foot.

Remember that

We do not mix groups or people, you will have you own local guide and customized activity.

All our hiking routes are perfect for 7 people or more, and can be adapted to large groups such as:

  • Companies
  • Bachelor parties

The minimum age

The appropriate minimum age for hiking trails is very difficult to set. The biggest advantage is that it is a private excursion for you, so the experience you have with the minors in the mountains, together with common sense, will help you establish the minimum age in your own group and difficulty level of the route. All minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Accompanied by a dog

Walking with dogs in the Serra de Tramuntana, means carrying the dog tied at all times and depending on which routes, unfortunately, they are not welcome.

We give priority to the most beautiful and closer routes from your accomodation.

Courtesy transfer included

We meet at the hotel or private accomodation and we include the complimentary transfers to the started point in Sóller and back, for a maximum of eight people.

Transfer not included

In case you accomodate is out of this villages, you will need to come to the meeting point on your own. Just tell us whenever you do your reservation and we will be pleased to help you and define the meeting point.



Maximum 2,5h of physical exercise, with easy walks. Maximum 250m of unevenness with no technical difficulties.


 Maximum 5h of physical exercise, with ramps that might be are steep, with a maximum unevenness of 600m. There might be some steps in the route or some easy technical difficulties.


 More than 5h of physical exercise, with steep ramps and a total unevenness of more than 600m. There might be steps and moderated technical difficulties. It is necessary not to suffer vertigo.

Between two levels

 Sometimes the complexity of classifying our routes makes us classify them between two levels of our difficulties. This is affected by three factors: 1. The physical exercise, 2. unevenness, 3. technical difficulty. So we can have the levels:

EasyModerated and ModeratedEasy or ModeratedHard and HardModerated.

The cost is in €

Prices include 21% of VAT and we reccomend you to read the Terms and Conditions to have more information about the payment procedures and the conditions.

Children under 12

Children under 12 have 20% discount, always if the total of the group is at least 7 people.

Meeting time

Departure time is never fixed, it is defined according to the season, and the chosen activity. Also it may vary according to your personal needs, your preferences or the duration of the transfer to reach the starting point.

The logic in the meeting hour

In general, as warmer is the day, the earlier we leave (even early morning) in the mornings or later in the afternoons. As the days become colder and shorter the later we leave in the mornings.

Data sheet as an example

In each route, there is a sample departure time and the approximated duration to complete it.

Departures, also in the afternoon

In case you choose to practise your activity in the afternoon, a clear advantage that you will have is to admire the sunset into the sea.

  • Do you need walking sticks or a bagpack? We can borrow it to you for free
  • Would you like to include a picnic? We can organize a delicious km.0 picnic from 10 € per person (just in hikes of full day).
  • Would you like to end your walk in a restaurant? We can book you a menu (same dishes for everyone but at a lower price) in the most typical restaurants of the Serra and we include the cost in the total price of the activity. 
  • You still don’t know where to accomodate before or after the excursion? We will offer you different accomodation possibilities, carefully choosen close to the area where you perform your activities and the price is applied to the total cost. (Under availability)

Enjoy with MallorcAlpina the most breathtaking private hiking trails on the Balearic Islands
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