All the MallorcAlpina discounts, get yours!


Join MallorcAlpina enjoying for a couple of times the natural spaces of the Balearic Islands and get discounts as a regular guest in any of our trips or activities.

Prerequisite on activities (of half or full day):

From the 5th reservation: 5% discount on final price
From the 10th reservation: 10% discount on final price

Prerequisite on trips (two days or more):
From the 3rd reservation: 5% discount on final price
From the 5th reservation: 10% discount on final price

Note:  Regular guest discounts cannot be combined with each other, neither to other discounts unless otherwise is indicated. They will be applied to the basic price of the activity/trip without counting any extensions or supplements. Valid for the activities/trips that are booked under a single request, without being able to subsequently modify the reservation to add more people.


The discount applied to kids under 12 years wants to encourage the kids to take interest in the nature, the wildlife and the environment. This discount will be applied if the total number of people in the group is at least 5 people

In all the activities each kid under 12 gets a 20% discount.

In Ecotourims activities each kid under 12 gets a 30% discount.

In the trips, do not hesitate to ask for kids discounts as we will study the viability of each particular case

Note: All discounts for kids under 12 can be added to other MallorcAlpina bonuses.


The discounts will have full effect when you explicity request them during your reservation and within the correct deadlines: During the reservation process it will be necessary that you specify the discount/s that might be applied so we can calculate and fix the best price. Discounts cannot be applied to reservations already confirmed. As always, we will do our best to offer you the best price.