A sea of nature in the European insular paradise

Probably our “mantra” is what defines us. You will be able to perceive the position of MallorcAlpina which highlights in its proper measure, the uniqueness that the natural spaces of the Balearic Islands comprise within the European Mediterranean Arc.

Obviously, all of our touristic packages and activities included in our portfolio, which is in constant renovation, will grant you the direct contact with the most pure mediterranean flavor through the people, the landscape and th biodiversity.

Creativity culture

With more than two decades innovating, the creative thinking of MallorcAlpina has given and gives place to pioneering ideas, which become interesting and funny so that you always get a benefit.

Expert support

We take care of all the details

From itineray carefully planned: think about visiting natural areas, live intrepid adventures, see memorable views or enjoy exclusive permissions in private properties. The only thing you need to do is to be on time at the meeting point. 

From a free trip or self-guided, supported by our strategic location in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana, to a group holiday with the uncomparable service of one of our guides.

From the first contact to your departure, we will love to answer all your questions.

Local guides

Our guides are embassadors of the Balearic achipelago, composed by sport technicians and National Park guides. An exceptional groups of native people which reveal first hand experiences.

Llocal connections

Our solid conections with all kind of local business and professionals, will offer you more than a simple journey or activity as we link you with the quintessence of the place.

100% custom made

During your stay in the islands, we will do our best for you to get exactly what you are looking for and you can take profit of every moment. We intend to convert into reality your best expectations of your trip, in contact with the balearic nature.

Alternative and local travel agency

At MallorcAlpina we are, above all, an alternative to mass tourism. This kind ouf tourism has defined vaste areas of the Balearic coast causing an irreversible ecological damage due to poor planing, despite most of the tourist prefer well preserved environments.

The city of Sóller, located in the nort-west coast of Mallorca, stands as the capital of the Serra de Tramuntana which is the largest natural area of the Balearics. The picturesque city of Sóller, lies into an spectacular valley and bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, is where you will find us to offer you a very warm welcome.

MallorcAlpina is a local travel agency with a clear mentality of protecting the environment and if you add the vaste net of local business that we support, all together with the profit and the taxes payed localy, all these factors make that, when you decide to enjoy one of our activites you already help to the circular economy of the Balearics.

Travel responsibly to contribute with sustainable tourism

MallorcAlpina is compromised with you and the environment as we apply an ethical internal code within our team, who invites to apply an ethical external code with the customers, so every trip/activity has a responsible sense.

Our comprehensive sustainable plan for the Balearics, focuses in three strategies:

Caring for wildlife
Taking care of the territory
Caring for the people

Read more about how we work to accomplish our goals, which in some way are a shared responsability. We invite you to join the responsible trips through our policy focused on sustainable tourism