The fortress of the Balearic lizard

Private guided tour to Sa Dragonera Natural Park. Ecotourism

Overview of Sa Dragonera Natural Park

The Natural park of Sa Dragonera is formed by the islets of Pantaleu, Sa Mitjana and the island of Sa Dragonera. It has a total protected area of 908ha of which, 634 are marine and 274 are terrestrial, all of them located in the municipality of Andratx (Mallorca)

The sea crossing

The spectacular island of Dragonera is an extension of the Serra de Tramuntana, separated by a sea channel of just 800m. From Sant Elm, the picturesque touristic center in the west of Mallorca, the 20 min maritime journey to sa Dragonera is sailed in the purest traditional Mallorcan style: with a wooden classic Llaüt

During the journey, and as you get closer to the island, you can appreciate the size of it, with a top height of 352m where the mountain of Far Vell (Old lighthouse) is located, which rises impetuously on the southern slope and it is cut by incredible sea cliffs on the northern slope.

Visit and interpreted walk

The landing on the island in Cala Lledó, opens the door to explore, through a lovely hike (choose in between 3 different levels) and the different explanations of the guide, the valuable natural heritage, the biodiversity and the history of the island.

Without any doubt, the beautiful views of the Tramuntana coast but also of the Eleonora’s falcon, the osprey and the different kind of dolphins or different endemic species such Balearic warbler, the Balearic Lizard and the Saladina of Dragonera (a plant), among many other species, make the visit to the fascinating Natural Park, priceless moments in nature.

From 75,00€/person includes the boat

Groups from 1 to 8 people per guide

Distance/Unevenness: Open to 3 different itineraries

Total duration: 4-5h, in the island 3-4h

Departure time: According to the boat company. Between 9:00 and 10:00h

Availability: From April to October

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