Get inspired before you travel to the Balearic Islands with written accounts and pictures from our clients, who delighted in one of our activities or trips. 

Inspire others by writting a description or short anecdote about any of the activities or trips that you have done with MallorcAlpina*, so that those who come after you, may find inspiration from your experience. 

Your memories are priceless

But they come with a solidary value

Would you like to write a description or anecdote about your adventures with MallorcAlpina?

We encourage you to do this. We would be pleased about this and our clients of the future might be interested in reading your chronicles. Why not send us your account to, in a few lines share your experiences, your best moments, anecdotes, thoughts… and even better if you complete it with a few pictures!

For each contribution received, we will donate 10 € to one of the NGOs that we collaborate with.  

The local Red Cross association

It is common for Mallorca to occupy prominent positions on tourist lists: for example, in 2022 it was chosen as the world’s fashionable destination of 2022 by Tripadvisor. The Island occupied first place in the Travelers’ Choice in the ‘Destinations’ category, a recognition based on the opinions of users on its website during the last 12 months.

Sóller has been among the best destinations in Europe to travel to in 2023. The renowned tourism portal European Best Destinations has placed this town among the 20 outstanding places to discover during these coming months, a classification based on the votes of more than 700,000 travelers. from a total of 78 countries.

Transparency and legal for your memories of a journey

For maximum transparency, we want to explain how we manage your collaboration with the NGOs: by the end of January of each year, we will complete a bank transfer for each contribution from the past twelve months to each of the NGOs that you previously selected. then, we will send you proof of this by email. 

The contribution rate will be a maximum of 1 story per activity or trip. Any text and the photos that you share with us, will be used exclusively to illustrate your memories on our website or social networks. We will never use them for any other purpose. 

* You will have 12 months to send the account to MallorcAlpina from the date when the contracted service is finished. MallorcAlpina reserves the right to publish this content on its website and/or its social networks, for self-promotional purposes only.