General vision

Psicobloc is just freestyle climbing in the coastline. The best way to enjoy the sea and climbing. Easy and beautiful word to describe the Psicobloc, from our friend, pioneer and of this thrilling sport which was born in Mallorca Miquel Riera.

Miquel no t’oblidam!

The island of Mallorca is the cradle of psicobloc worldwide. Every summer, a lot of enthusiasts of this sport, coming from everywhere in the world, look for thrilling emotions in the sea cliffs scattered along the Mallorcan coast.

With different grades of difficulty and meters of scalable height (maximum 15m), we choose the sector of coast to “fliñar” (verb invented by Miquel which referes to the fear that appears when you climb above the sea with no ropes), according to the difficulty climbing grande, wind and vawes.

I need to bring:

Climbing shoes (we can borrow them), suim suit, towel, water, some other clothes and shoes to get changed

1-2 people 260€. From 3-4 people 300
Difficulty With previous experience
Duration: 3.5h
Schedule: Mornings and afternoons. Sample departures, 9h and 16h
Availability: From june to october, according to meteorology and sea waves

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