Coasteering activity overview

Coasteering in Mallorca

In the last years, the coasteering has become more popular in the island of Mallorca as it is a very funny activity in the most pure sense of the adventure. With all the different challenges performed on the sea cliffs, it brings together many incentives to enjoy a few hours of pure adrenaline in contact with the rocks and the sea.

Coasteering without previous experience

As time goes, more people and couples, families and groups of friends are having fun safely in one of the most thrilling experiences in the extraordinary Port of Sóller. This is not surprising, as Coasteering without previous experience in the Port Sóller, apart from being nestled in an incredibly beautiful coastal setting, includes long easy climb traverse that goes above and parallel between 5 and 15 meters from the sea level, and several rappel lines with different degrees of difficulty that reach up to 20 meters. Several climbing lines perpendicular to the sea with different degrees of difficulty, and cliff-jumpings to the sea, with a maximum height of 8 meters. A real challenge!

Coasteering for experts

Coasteering with previous experience consists on the same activities described above, but solving them on the difficult side. A crossing area in the Psicobloc modality and cliff-jumps up to 15 meters to the sea, always subject to the guide’s criteria.

In large groups, we ride a spectacular zip line direct to the sea.

I need to bring:

Sport shoes (flip-flops or sandals are not allowed) and swimsuit that obviously your are going to get wet. Clothes and shoes to change. Towel, water and sun cream (summer). You can take a comfortable backpack for your mobile and water. The guide always carries a waterproof backpack available to customers.

1) Difficulty without  previous experience. From 70,00€/person. Groups from 1 to 7 people per guide

2) Difficulty with previous experience. From 90,00€/person. Groups from 1 to 4 people per guide

Duration: 3-4h depending on the number of people and difficulty
Schedule: Mornings and afternoons (in summer)
Sample departures 9h and 16h
Availability: All year round, according to sea waves

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