A blend of cultures through groups of mixed nationalities

Innovative by nature. International groups

As a result of the terrible pandemic that  has hit the world, we cannot deny that an impact on globalization has a direct impact on the right to free mobility of people. As we have already explained in the why MallorcAlpina? section, we have a deep culture for creativity, so our innovative projects are based on the fact that this same right to free mobility should positively linked with globalization through the increased benefits from sharing a holiday in mixed groups.

The current offer

The offer of a hiking holiday in the Balearic Islands from specialized travel agencies to clients at their point of origin, usually tune in to their national audience  that shares the experience of the trip with people of that same nationality in another country. In MallorcAlpina we want to break these cliches, we intend to do so by bringing together independent-minded people from different nationalities, in the search of a common goal: the discovery on foot, of an ecological paradise, shared with people with a united viewpoint, whose travel management is done at the destination and not at the point of origin.  

Guided holidays on foot in the Balearic islands with international groups

Spring, autumn and winter, is when the weather shows its kindest side to enjoy a guided walking holiday. We favour trips that have  the focus on the discovery of the spectacular natural spaces, together with ancient history and the rich traditions of the place, with an local expert guide who can impart firt-hand information of life on the islands. The groups are always small, usually between 8 to 14 people, which means that our trip does not halt the daily life of the places we visit, nor does it leave an ecological footprint wherever we pass. 

Open minded people, we are European

Imagine a small group of people from different countries sharing a week-long walking holiday on foot and led by a local expert guide, with formidable experience, interacting with people of very different nationalities. This leads to an extraordinary opportunity for cultural exchange to take place, resulting in a special cosmopolitan group dynamic whilst you enrich yourself through each of the synergies that take place during the trip. 

The English language and our passion for nature is what links us together 

The official language used during our trips is English. English is known by many people from different corners of the world. We use it to reach out to our neighbours for joint conversation during our walks in nature. Maybe this is the perfect setting to produce an intercultural exchange through the fascinating experiences shared between the group and some long-lasting friendships that may cross borders.

The island of Mallorca as an international meeting point for international groups

We believe that Mallorca is the best meeting point for European citizens and those from further afield, who might be interesting in talking a hiking holiday with a group composed by people of different nationalities. The island has a selection of natural habitats and activities on offer that have an attractive interest for travellers. This ecological and landscape diversity is located in a strategic location in the western Mediterranean. With a high frequency of direct flights from many different Eurean cities, and also, more than 300 days of sun per year, great facilities and services, and of course the traditional and great gastronomy which surprise the best sybarites. Sounds good, doesn’t it? 

We await you in Mallorca to offer you a warm welcome.